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Pembukaan Semula Sekolah pada 24 Jun 2020 bagi Murid Kelas Peperiksaan Awam – SPM, SVM, STPM dan STAM

Mr Kelvin O Hara, bapa kepada pelajar Tingkatan 6 sudi memberi sumbangan 20 Kotak pelitup muka dan 20 botol sanitizer

When interviewed by China Press, the principal of St. Michael’s institution said that the school will follow the guidelines from KPM for the preparation of reopening of school. The school will do the temperature screening for the students before the class and provide hand sanitizer to clean the hands. The teachers and staffs in the school must follow the SOP. The school has reorganized the number of students per class from more than 30 to 15 people. He pointed out that there are 220 students in form 5, originally more than 30 students per class, now divided into 18 classes, and the average number is controlled between 15 students. There are 130 pre-university students, so 9 classes are opened, and the number of students is also controlled at 15 in each class. He pointed out that students must wear masks and maintain social distancing. The number of teachers in the staff room has also been reduced from 80 to 40. Classrooms and toilets are marked with stickers to ensure social distancing is practiced. He also said that the school has briefed the canteen operators to clearly state the guidelines of the Ministry of Education for the operators to follow, including packing food for the students to consume in the classroom. No dine-in is allowed.
Mr Sit also would like to show his appreciation towards the Board of Governors, parents and Teachers association and the Old Boys Association for their support

Mdm Lee Seok Chean