Maintenance work for SMI Botanical Garden

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Reported in Sin Chew Daily Perak Edition today 11 March 2021

11 Mac 2021 – Penyerahan Bantuan Awal Persekolahan(BAP)

Agihan Pembayaran Bantuan Awal Persekolahan Tahun 2021

Hydroponics farming at St Michael’s Institution, Ipoh

Congratulations to Angus Chieng Qiyang from 5A8 for achieving the Outstanding Delegate Award in the Council of WHO

Angus Chieng Qiyang – Nexus International School Model United Nations ( NISMUN ) is the start of my own MUN journey. What is MUN ? MUN is an academic stimulation of the United Nations where students play the role of delegates from different countries and attempt to solve the real world issues with the policies and perspectives of their prospective country. However, it doesn’t mean that students from Malaysia can only be the delegate of Malaysia, representing as other countries in favour is absolutely no problem. NISMUN was held virtually on the 5th – 7th March 2021. I was the delegate of Malaysia in WHO council.

The biggest take away from NISMUN was the debate skills like public speaking, giving valid reasons about my the country’s stance about a certain issue or topic. On top of that, I learnt how to have diplomatic conversations with others. We had to cooperate together to propose a draft resolution to the topic. Most importantly, the method of researching properly. Stances and policies are hard to research about as it takes time to read up on it but I found ways to research thoroughly.

Being a first timer in MUN, made me real proud because the school gave me the opportunity to participate in NISMUN. As return, I would like to encourage juniors and seniors to take part in MUNs. MUN really benefited me as a whole, improving my English, it might help too in Oral tests.

Michaelian Military Band

Still considering which uniform unit to join? Join the Michaelian Military Band now! Here is video for you to get know more about us. Join us now by registering with your respective class teachers. Hope to see you soon!

Permohonan UPUOnline bagi Sesi Akademik 2021/2022

8 Mac 2021 – Pelancaran NILAM oleh Perpustakaan Marian, SMK St. Michael, Ipoh

Michaelian Chinese Orchestra – Online Lesson

6 Mac 2021 – Mesyuarat Agung PIBG SMK St. Michael, Ipoh kali ke-47 secara maya

Terima kasih daun keladi kepada semua ibu bapa dan guru yang telah menjayakan Mesyuarat Agung yang ulung kali diadakan secara maya.